Blind Spot Danger: What You Don’t See

Apr 23, 2019
  • When a car accident occurs visibility issues can be a major factor. Accidents can happen as a result of individuals or objects being out of the line of sight or in someone’s “blind spot”. Here are some things to keep in mind about blind spots when driving to potentially help reduce the chance of an accident.

    Adjust Your Mirrors

    Making sure your mirrors are in a position where you can clearly see all areas of your car is critical to be able to see where other objects and individuals are in relation to your vehicle.

    Double Check

    While using your side mirrors can be a helpful aid, they are not 100 percent guaranteed to show you what is in your blind spot. Remembering to look over your shoulder before changing lanes will alert you to anything that may be near your vehicle that your side mirrors do not show.

    Consider A Technology Aid

    If you have trouble navigating your blind spots, consider installing a blind spot monitor or rear view camera. These aids can help you be more vigilant and detect movement within your blind spot area before you may even realize it.

    Injured in a Car Accident?

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