Boating Accidents and What You Should Do

Jul 21, 2020
  • Now that we are officially in the summer months, boating is a fantastic way to cool off during a hot day. One can easily socially distance while boating and it is just a fun activity to partake in. Like most things, there are some rules we should be aware of and follow especially if involved in a boating accident.

    According to the official Colorado Parks and Wildlife website, here are the steps to take in case you are involved in a boating accident.

    1. Stop at the scene and help others if, and only if, it can be done safely. This is required by the law.
    2. Do not risk lives to save any equipment. Call for help.
    3. Each operator involved in the accident must file an accident report. It is, again, required by law.
    • The information must be exchanged such as names, addresses, the vessel’s ID, and the name of the owner of the vessel if that is different from the person who was operating the said vessel.

    4.  An accident report form must be submitted within five days of the incident if:

    • Loss of life or someone disappears from the vessel
    • Injuries that require medical attention besides first aid
    • Damage resulting up to $2000 or complete loss of the vessel.

    The address where to submit the report can be found on the official website for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

    Any person involved can be guilty of a misdemeanor if they fail to file a report.

    The leading cause of boating accidents in Colorado is careless operation, excessive speed, and lack of attention. Leading causes of boat fatalities are capsizing and BUIs (boating under the influence).

    As a reminder: Everyone on a vessel must wear an approved personal flotation device (life vest) and they should know how to use it.

    As always, if you need representation regarding an accident like this, Boesen Law is more than happy to assist. Call us at .

    Happy boating!