What you MUST DO after an auto accident: A step-by-step guide

Mar 01, 2021
  • Accidents happen, even to the safest of drivers. Here at Boesen Law, we understand that after an accident has occurre/d, one can be in shock or in disbelief and that it’s difficult to remember every single step we will be mentioning below.We hope to take some of that burden off your shoulders and have created a downloadable and printable PDF to keep in all your vehicles in case you are ever in an auto accident.

    What To Do: 

    1: Stop!

    • It is illegal to leave the scene of an accident.

    2: Check Yourself and Your Passengers For Any Injuries

    • Your safety is always a priority. If you do have any injuries, please record them down or take pictures.

    3: Get to Safety

    • Please get yourself to a sidewalk or to the side of the road. If your vehicle is driveable, please move the car over to the side of the road. Any vehicle involved in an auto accident is now considered a hazard for other drivers. Moving the vehicles to the side of the road allows for traffic to continue moving and medical and legal assistance to reach you quicker.
    • Now that you are safe,  call 911 and wait for assistance. It is important that you cooperate with the police.

    5: Exchange Information

    • In the printable/downloadable PDF form, we have provided a section for you to gather important details. Below are the details you will need.
      •  At-Fault Driver’s Name
      • Home Address
      • Telephone Number
      • Date of Birth
      • Other Driver’s Insurance
      • Policy Number
      • Driver’s Licence Number

    6: Obtain Other Details

    • It is important to establish any witnesses. Witnesses are people who were not involved in the auto accident but that saw what happened. In our PDF, we have a space to gather their information as well. Below are the details you need to obtain.
      • Witness Name
      • Witness Telephone Numbers

    7: Take Pictures

    • Take pictures of ALL the vehicles involved, any injuries, and the scene. This is gathering evidence and would be important to have if your case goes to trial.

    8: Seek Medical Attention

    • Have a physician evaluate your injuries ASAP. Many times, people do not feel any injuries until after. Seeing a physician can help address physical injuries and injuries that can appear later i.e. whiplash.

    9: Notify Your Own Insurance Company 

    • Within 24 hours after being in an accident, it is imperative to let your insurance know about the collision for further support. They are also likely able to assist you with your own vehicle damage and any injuries you have sustained.

    10: Call Us IMMEDIATELY

    • Our number is . The time immediately after an accident is vital to your claim. Auto accidents can become complicated. You already have so much on your shoulders now, let us take care of the legal aspect of your claim. Evidence must be gathered, witnesses interviewed, and other case elements must be developed- all within the allotted time for making your claim.

    ACT NOW!  Call us to schedule a free consultation and get yourself the legal assistance you need and deserve.

    What NOT To Do:

    DO NOT

    Admit any fault. State only the facts about what happened.

    DO NOT

    Sign anything (EXCEPT a ticket or police form)

    DO NOT

    Give written statements or talk with the other driver’s insurance company without your attorney’s involvement.

    DO NOT

    Complete insurance forms without advice from your attorney

    DO NOT

    Give recorded statements to any insurance company without your attorney.

    DO NOT

    Sign any medical releases for the insurance company without advice from your attorney