How Long After A Truck Accident Can You Claim For Injuries

Sep 17, 2021
  • Vehicle accidents can be a scary time that can cause stress and anxiety along with potential physical injuries. Many people are not sure where to start if they have been involved in an accident.If you have been in a truck accident, and have suffered any kind of physical or mental injury due to another driver’s negligence, you need to call for truck accident legal help immediately.

    Statute of Limitations for a Truck Accident Claim

    In Denver, Colorado, the statute of limitation to claim compensation for a truck accident is 3 years from the date of the accident.

    It is important to understand that if you file a claim after a certain time, it will most likely be tossed out and barred from ever getting any compensation.

    What to Do Immediately After a Truck Accident?

    While truck accidents can be more horrifying and damaging than car accidents or automobile accidents, it is not uncommon for the victims to be left stunned and unsure about the next step.

    Once you have made sure you are alright and capable of moving around, follow these steps to get truck accident legal help:

    • Report the Case: If the accident was due to another driver’s negligence, and has caused any type of damage, injury, or death, by the law of Colorado, you must report it immediately to the police. You can either do this by calling the police to the accident location or going to the police station yourself.Note: Don’t forget to ask for a copy of the report.
    • Ask for Treatment: Even if the injuries seem minor, make sure you get the necessary medical treatment immediately. The doctors might perform certain examinations that may reveal or rule out inner injuries.
    • Crash Site Information: Since you might have to report the case yourself, it is always a good idea to note or take a photo of the truck driver’s name, number plate, insurance information, etc. Also ask for the contact and name of the truck driver’s employer, if any.
    • Look for Witnesses: Witness testimony can go a long way in proving and claiming the necessary compensation in case anything goes haywire. Look for people around, ask for their names and contact numbers, and seek their consent to give a brief statement.
    • Documented Information: If you have your cell phone with you, it is a good idea to take photos of the evidence and the accident scene, your injuries, number plates, etc. until the police arrive.
    • Avoid talking to the Insurance Companies: In case the insurance people of the offender want to talk to you, refrain from saying anything. They might use anything you say to their advantage and may lure you into making adjustments or accepting much less compensation for your injuries and damages.This is also where a truck accident legal help specialist can come to your rescue.

    Why Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer?

    The best part about hiring legal help after a truck accident in Colorado is that you need not pay anything until you receive your claim.

    Other than that, there are many reasons why hiring a truck accident lawyer Denver CO might be the best idea moving forward:

    • Professional Investigators: A professional law firm houses an investigation team that can collect the necessary information required for legal proceedings from the site of the accident. Not everyone is in their right state of mind immediately post-accident and the trauma may be likely to impact their effective thinking. This is where an accident lawyer can come into play.
    • Necessary Paperwork: While you tend to your wounds and mental trauma, you have someone to manage the paperwork for you. Legal help can also set free you from all the hustle and bustle of negotiating with the insurance companies, policemen, etc.
    • Litigating the Case: In case you do not get what you deserve through an initial effort, a professional accident lawyer can help you file a case and drag the offender to court if required. Call your Denver personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. They are trained professionals who can handle all negotiations with tact and ease. They can help you receive the best compensation for your claim in the shortest time frame possible. Give them a call today to know more.