What You Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation Coverage After Workplace Injury

Oct 20, 2021
  • Workers’ compensation coverage is an insurance plan designed to help those who have suffered injuries while on the job. Coverages are provided by the employer and cover both lost wage benefits and medical expenses.

    Workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory in Colorado and can apply to any part-time or full-time employee, including employees that are family members.

    For employees struggling after a workplace injury, workers’ compensation is the only way to get through difficult times after a mishap at the workplace.

    However, there are situations where it can be challenging to claim worker’s compensation benefits due to complicated legalities.

    Avoid the Delays and the Unknown by Hiring a Seasoned Attorney

    Applying for workers’ compensation coverage by yourself might initially sound like a good idea, but it is not as simple as it seems. Complications can arise that could delay your benefits and add unnecessary challenges. Below are some reasons for the complexities in the process:

    • Understanding the law means you should have an excellent understanding of Colorado Revised Statutes that are more than 75 pages long.
    • Interpreting a comprehensive set of Workers Compensation Rules spread over hundreds of pages can be a daunting undertaking.
    • Navigating an Administrative Court system that has unique rules for litigating disputes between employers, workers, and insurers

    Gaining a clear understanding of all these legalities can be mind-numbing in the best of circumstances. But fighting solo is almost impossible when your mind is already concerned with trying to figure out how you will earn a living after an injury.

    Therefore, you need a seasoned attorney who has spent years gaining a comprehensive understanding of the legalities you will be facing and is dedicated to getting you the justified compensation that you truly deserve.

    Timing is Critical, So Act Fast

    Although the rules about workers’ compensation coverage are apparent, it is possible that your understanding of them might be limited. For example, there are times when employers misinform their workers about the deadline for reporting work-related injuries.

    As a result, employees might inadvertently report accidents/injuries late, causing a potential loss of benefits. Therefore, it is imperative that you inform your employers and also take the advice of a workers’ compensation attorney right away.

    No Witness, No Problem

    In most situations, an employee’s chances of getting compensation decrease when there is no witness to the accident. During such mishaps, employers often contest the case and try to deny workers their compensation.

    If your workplace injury is unwitnessed, and you need to stand before an administrative judge to build a case against employer denial, you should recruit a resourceful law firm with good investigative capabilities.

    Top law firms such as Boesen Law are quick on the draw and immediately start investigating the matter so that your case reduces the potential for denial drastically.

    The attorneys at Boesen Law are determined to get you the most compensation as quickly as possible so you can get back to normal.

    Hire Attorneys Who Only Get Paid When You Win

    After a work-related injury, it is difficult for an employee to pay off regular bills, let alone bear the cost of an attorney. We understand that a lack of money can stop you from hiring a lawyer. At Boesen Law, we provide you with a free consultation service to help reduce financial strain while considering hiring a lawyer. Moreover, we don’t charge you a single penny unless we win the case for you. In your time of struggle, we are always with you, fighting to get you the best compensation.


    Losing a job due to a workplace injury is bad enough, but it is even worse when you are denied your claim for work comp benefits. With a seasoned attorney by your side, you will be guided in the right direction, be able to apply for the claim on time, and get justified compensation for injuries and medical expenses.