Car Accident Attorneys in Denver and Aurora, CO

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident on the Colorado roadways, it is imperative you seek the help of experienced motor vehicle accident attorneys as quickly as possible. Appropriate legal representation can set the tone for your entire case, and attorneys experienced in this area of the law can help ensure a positive outcome.

A motor vehicle accident can affect you in multiple ways. There are mental, emotional and physical considerations. There may be significant financial repercussions. Boesen Law, LLC will represent your interests to minimize the effects of such accidents in multiple ways.

Denver Motor Accident Attorneys Who Discover Responsible Parties

One of the key elements of legal representation in motor vehicle accidents is performing proper due diligence in discovering responsibility parties. This is not always immediately apparent in motor vehicle accidents. Accidents may not only be caused by a negligent driver, but other factors may be involved. Was an involved vehicle rented? Does the vehicle have up to date service records? Were roadways properly maintained? Was the accident a result of a faulty vehicle or parts? Was the responsible driver performing employment related duties at the time of the incident? A focused legal team will explore all options.

Working as an Insurance Company Intermediary

Experienced motor vehicle accident attorneys know how best to make sure involved insurance companies are held responsible. Insurance documents can be confusing and insurance companies are adept at shifting responsibility. Persistent legal representation can make sure insurance companies involved live up to their obligations.

Loss of Income

Motor vehicle accidents can create the inability to work and result in loss of income. This loss of income can be a key area when addressing a motor vehicle accident case. Loss of income refers to wages that have been lost in the past due to an accident, and to those wages that will likely be lost in the future. An experienced Denver motor vehicle accident attorney can help recover the value of this loss of income.

Medical Expenses

Many motor vehicle accidents result in injuries. However, the effects of some injuries may not be immediately apparent. A knowledgeable motor vehicle accident attorney knows this and will make sure their clients seek proper medical attention and follow proper procedures. Making sure the appropriate party is responsible for payment of medical bills associated with these injuries is an important part of what an experienced legal team is charged with. Quickly identifying this responsible party and seeking appropriate compensation is just part of our services at Boesen Law.

Pain and Suffering

Injuries caused by a motor vehicle accident can create stress and negative short and long term mental and physical effects. Boesen Law will help seek compensation from any responsible parties to off-set this pain and suffering.

Expenses Associated with Your Case

The team at Boesen Law will make every effort to make sure any expenses involved in pursuing your motor vehicle accident case are considered in any settlement. This includes not only medical and legal expenses, but those associated with acquiring expert witnesses, travel, and other various costs involved with your case.

Let our Denver Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys Assess your Case

It starts with an initial meeting with our staff at Boesen Law. Our team of 9 attorneys and legal staff will go over the details of your particular case and provide you with your options. This assessment will lay out the potential possible paths available to you, taking into consideration elements that at first may not seem obvious.

Don’t wait. The sooner you contact legal representation, the better the opportunity for a successful result. We invite you to contact Boesen Law for a review of the circumstances surrounding your case. Our accident attorneys & legal team have the experience and focus to assist you. If you or someone you know has been involved in a motor vehicle accident, contact Boesen Law today.


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