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If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident involving a truck, you are likely experiencing stress and emotional trauma. This goes beyond any pain associated with any injuries sustained. Much of this stress can be relieved once you know you have proper legal representation. 

The right legal firm can help put you at ease with a professional approach to make sure your interests are being pursued. You should start your search by seeking an experienced Denver trucking accident attorney. Experience can make all the difference in these sometimes complex cases, and in Denver, you can count on the attorneys at Boesen Law.

There are many circumstances that make trucking accidents unique. Knowing these circumstances and how they affect your case is extremely important. This is where Boesen Law excels.

What Makes Trucking Accidents Different from Car Accidents?

In an auto accident involving two parties, liability can be relatively easy to establish. In accidents involving trucks like delivery vans, semis, or 18-wheelers the liability can be far-reaching. Trucking companies will do everything they can to isolate themselves from accidents involving their drivers. They attempt to do this in several ways. They will sometimes hire independent or contract drivers, avoiding having to call them employees. 

The reality is that trucking accidents may involve several layers of liability, including the manufacturers, shipping companies, maintenance firms, and the companies themselves.

Denver is a crossroads of commercial trucking, and many drivers may not be prepared for driving in the conditions that exist here. This could very well have an effect on your case.

Possible Layers of Liability

Denver experienced trucking accident attorneys will leave no stone unturned when seeking justice for their clients. This includes looking into every aspect of the truck’s and its driver’s history. At Boesen Law, we understand that liable parties can include everyone from the company that loaded the truck to the manufacturer of the truck’s tires. 

Truck accidents may involve a failure of parts or a shifting of loads. It could involve drivers who have worked longer than acceptable or other unsafe practices. Having an experienced attorney on your side can help better determine potentially liable parties.

Why Experienced Denver Trucking Accidents Attorneys Make a Difference

At Boesen Law, we know what records truck drivers are required to keep. We understand how trucking companies work to limit their exposure to liability. We have experience with the changing road conditions in Colorado and how that affects commercial driving. 

We also understand the importance of the data that is kept in electronic devices installed in these trucks. We have represented cases with trucking companies of all sizes and in a variety of circumstances. This experience can be put to work for you.

What You Can Expect

Although every accident is unique, there are some things you can prepare for. One of the first things you should do is contact a trusted attorney with experience in trucking accidents. You should then consult with this attorney to assess the circumstances surrounding your accident. 

At Boesen Law, we will review your case and assist you in deciding the appropriate path to take. Many times this can be accomplished without out-of-pocket expenses on the part of the client.

Contact Boesen Law, LLC Today

Trucking and insurance companies are financially prepared to defend themselves. They deal with trucking accidents on a daily basis. They know however, that this is often an once-in-a-lifetime experience for you. They will often seek to take advantage of the situation by offering quick settlements at far below what your case may entitle you to. 

This is one of the reasons it is so critical you get a professional legal team on your side as soon as possible. After an initial discussion with Boesen Law, you will be much better prepared for what lies ahead. You can rest assured that you have representation that will work hard in your interest.

Don’t settle for less. If you or someone you care about has recently been involved in a motor vehicle accident that included a commercial truck, contact us. We are Denver trucking accident attorneys with the experience, focus, and resources to fight for you. We are Boesen Law, LLC.

In any case there is a two year statute of limitations in Colorado for a wrongful death lawsuit to be filed. This is part of the reason it is important to take action quickly following a wrongful death situation.

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