Bayer AG Receive Backlash over Essure Device

Aug 08, 2018
By Boesen Law
  • From an online newsletter posted by NeuralLit, it was announced that pharmaceutical company Bayer AG have been under recent criticism over medical complications and complaints surrounding the birth control implant device, Essure.

    In addition to the complications it was found that Bayer had monetarily compensated thousands of physicians, in exchange for the doctors recommending Essure to female patients. According to the newsletter at least “three doctors were paid in excess of 100,000 dollars.”

    Online streaming service Netflix released a documentary titled “The Bleeding Edge”  which explores the risks that come with the use of medical technology and how it has been promoted within the United States. Essure was highlighted within the documentary, and was depicted as a device that has caused serious side effects for women using the product. These symptoms can range from hair loss to organ perforation. In response to the documentary,

    Bayer has since released a statement standing by the safety and health benefits of their product, and that they feel these claims are a result of bad publicity. However Bayer has since announced plans to pull the product from shelves by the end of 2018 due to marketing reasons.

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