Teen Sues JUUL Over Misleading Marketing Tactics

Sep 16, 2019
  • Popular e-cigarette company JUUL is being sued by an individual who claims marketing tactics by the company got him hooked on vaping and left him with significant lung damage.

    Misleading Tactics

    Legal representation for Adam Hergenreder who is only 18, commented on the situation that “To put it mildly, Adam didn’t stand a chance to avoid getting hooked on these toxic timebombs” according to an article via Fox News.

    Mr. Hergenreder’s lung issues began after he was in the hospital due to nausea and trouble breathing. It’s  that doctors found his lungs to be so damaged from vaping, they now resemble lungs of a 70-year old. It was found that Adam was using vape products for over a year and a half as reported by Fox News.

    Vaping Illness on the Rise

    Adam’s case is unfortunately no longer the norm. The CDC has reported numerous confirmed cases of illness related to vaping. Many individuals report symptoms of nausea, breathing problems, chest pain, and others to name a few.

    Injured by a JUUL Vape Product?

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